RIO on the MO

For the past few weeks a crew from RIO was shacked up on Montana’s Missouri river. The purpose was to meet with dealers, provide product education, and of course catch some fish. Our base of operations was the riverside community of Craig, MT. This otherwise sleepy hamlet is bristling with activity during fishing season, with drift boats outnumbering people and according to the US Census containing the highest fly shop per capita density in the US (I made that up but it’s probably true).
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The Handtwist Retrieve, by Phil Rowley

When it comes to stillwater presentation, you soon realize that lakes are different environments than rivers or streams. Other than wind induced current there is little or no flow to help propel and animate your fly. You must move or retrieve the fly to suggest life to stimulate the interest of a passing trout. Successful stillwater presentations depend in large part on your ability to manipulate the fly using your hands.
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Deschutes Steelhead, by Simon Gawesworth

Steve swinging in the “Grocery Hole”, downstream of Maupin.

Deschutes – October 2013

Where: Deschutes – Around Maupin

When: 11th and 12th October

Who: Simon Gawesworth & Stephen Roberts

Species: Steelhead
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The Bighorn River, by Cathy Beck

We are on the Bighorn River in Montana this week with a group of anglers. They have had lots of dry fly fishing so everyone is happy as they share photos of nice fish and stories of PMDs, Olives, and Mahogany duns and spinners.
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New Skagit Heads from RIO Products

RIO Products New Skagit Shooting Head Offerings Utilize ConnectCore Technology

October 1, 2013 (Idaho Falls, Idaho) – RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is thrilled to introduce three new additions to its Skagit Series of spey lines – Skagit Max, Max Short and iShort Shooting Heads.
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The Forgotten Double Taper, by Devin Olsen

The Forgotten Double Taper

When I first began fly fishing almost 20 years ago now my father handed my some pretty old gear to start my fly-fishing addiction. One of those gear pieces included a double taper line. As I began acquiring my own gear I of course bought a weight forward line like everybody told me to do. The weight forward revolution over the last few decades has brought on every conceivable type of taper one can imagine. It’s hard to even find a double taper fly line in most fly shops currently. In my opinion, this is a shame because the most common technique employed by western anglers today is best done with a double taper line. As an illustration, I’ll draw on my recent experience at the FIPS Mouche World Fly Fishing Championships in Norway.
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