Why Fly Fish From a Kayak – by Scott Jontes

As kayak fishing becomes more popular by the year, naturally fly fishing from a kayak is also growing in popularity. When I decided to start kayak fishing I knew I would incorporate my passion for fly fishing to the kayak. Fly fishing to me is one of the most rewarding types of fishing you can do. I love the whole experience of fly fishing, from tying my own flies and leaders to making that well placed cast to a fish and watch it take fly that you tied. Continue reading

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Half and Half – by Jon Cave

DSC00130I live in a fly-fishing paradise. East Central Florida has so many truly world-class fresh- and salt-water fisheries within close proximity of one another that I sometimes have a tendency to over-think and vacillate in deciding which one to choose on any given day. Saltwater flats, coastal rivers, inlets, the Atlantic, canals, creeks, rivers, and lakes are all within a very short drive of where I live. Before you mockingly say “Oh gee, doesn’t he have a tough decision,” let me say that selecting from a list of top-notch places to fish is wonderful dilemma to have so I’m not looking for any sympathy here. It’s kind of like having to decide between ordering a T-bone, prime rib, lobster, or oysters on the half shell at a restaurant. I simply can’t lose no matter which way I go, but sometimes a sample of each might provide the most satisfaction. Continue reading

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How to Fight Wind in the Magic Waters of Patagonia: Equipment Selection – By Martin Aylwin

They dont get much better

Chilean Patagonia is truly an amazing fishery. There are more rivers and lakes that you could probably fish in a lifetime. If I can tell you what is the most amazing thing for me about Patagonia is that most of the season you could fish with dry flies. Probably you are imaging small flies, long leaders and spooky trout. Although that kind of fishing can be found in Patagonia too, big terrestrials are the main food in trout’s menu for many months during the season. For the fisherman, this can only mean one thing: casting big ugly foam flies.

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The Experience – by Rob Parkins

Last Cast I caught the Steelhead of my dreams back in March. Not huge by some anglers measures, he was dime bright, around 38” and fat as can be. Zack said he was 18 pounds. Caught within sight of the ocean and the sea stacks guarding the mouth of the river, he is a fish I will never forget.

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RIO in Action – 35th Fly Fishing World Championships

2015 Team USA

Anytime you set off in a plane with a duffel bag full of fishing gear and grip of rods you never quite know what you will walk up to. To take it to the next level, add in the anxiety and excitement of fishing against the best anglers from around the world. This May, Bosnia hosted the 34th Annual Fly Fishing World Championships on the spring creeks that carve out the beautiful green country side, and the US Fly Fishing Team was proud to attend. Continue reading

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Trucco’s Limay- by Barry Beck


Legendary Patagonia angler, Jorge Trucco, is largely responsible for opening up some of the best estancias and their water to the angling public. Throughout the years of fishing with Trucco, he would constantly talk about his Limay River. A few years ago we had the opportunity to travel to this now famous tail water fishery and it was easy to see why Trucco has a love affair with this river.

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