New RIO Shooting Heads

Idaho Falls, Idaho (June 2, 2014 ) – RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, introduces saltwater anglers to a full range of floating, intermediate and sinking shooting heads in its cold, saltwater fly line series.
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No Sardines, No Problem! By Capt Sarah Gardner

RIO Pro Capt. Sarah Gardner has just checked in from her May trip to Baja. Here’s her video recap of the trip.
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Who buys a Nymph Line? by Mark Raisler

Who buys a Nymph Line?

I had wondered when modern fly line design and marketing moved into the modern era how the specialty lines would sell. Would people use them. Would they add performance to whatever discipline or target species the line use intended.

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Common Stillwater Mistakes, by Phil Rowley

Part of the fuel that drives my stillwater passion is the time I spend guiding or with students through my seminars or on the water schools. From this time and experience on the water I have watched both clients and students struggle with a number presentation challenges. Listed below are my top five. If some of these hit close to home don’t feel bad, I have made many or most of these presentation mistakes too.
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A Fishing Story by Barry Beck

My wife, Cathy, and I sit here at Burgers, BBQ and Brew on the way back from the South Island of New Zealand at C Concourse in the Atlanta Airport. We are surrounded by other people, something not uncommon at this very busy airport yet there is one thing that amazes me and that is that no one is talking. Well, I should say that no one is talking to each other. I count eleven cell phones out and realize that everyone is texting. Like so much of today’s technology our world continues to change and in some cases that also includes our sport of fly fishing. Our fishing story is a good example of how technology can lead us to a trout of a life time.
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RIO adds Low-Stretch Lake Lines

RIO Products Adds Additional Ultra-Low Stretch Lines to Lake Anglers’ Arsenal

April 1, 2014 (Idaho Falls, Idaho) – Continuing to expand the use of its revolutionary ConnectCore technology, RIO Products, manufacturer of lines, leaders, and tippet, adds two new advanced sub-surface lines to the InTouch lake series.
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