Two-Handed Trout Anglers Get the Skagit Trout Max from RIO Products

RIO_SkagitTroutMax_Card_LiveTypeIDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (October 1, 2015) – As fall rolls around, there is no better time to swing two-handed rods for trout, and now that many fly rod manufacturers are designing these rods, anglers need a line designed specifically for this purpose; enter RIO Product’s new Skagit Trout Max. RIO is continually designing fly lines built for specific fly fishing scenarios, and this new line is no exception. Continue reading

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Trout Spey Lines Defined – by George Cook

trout spey 2Trout Spey….Micro Spey…”Small Ball” has indeed arrived !  The Spey Angling enthusiast of today has limitless opportunity, be it Trout, Sea Run Cutthroat, Smallmouth Bass, even the various Shad species of both coast. Trout Spey tackle which spans from the 4 and 5 weight Switch Rod Theater down thru the 2 and 3 weight true Trout Spey rods set the stage for some mighty interesting angling adventures. In these pursuits like its bigger cousin Spey Rods, lines are aplenty and with it, a given (expected) level of confusion as to just what is “best”. The line “Conundrum” is our subject today , so take 5 and unspool the mystery as we DEFINE today’s Trout Spey Lines, their selection and use. Continue reading

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Bombers – by Ken Woodward


During the heat of the BC Interior summer, while most lakes are in the doldrums, a much anticipated hatch occurs at a few nutrient-rich, mud-bottomed lakes in the Kamloops area: Bombers! Stillwater fly anglers from far and wide descend on lakes like Tunkwa and Leighton to enjoy some of the fastest fishing of the open water season. Continue reading

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The Big Bones of New Caledonia – by Peter Morse

bonefish underwater

Grande Terre – Big Land, is the main island of the archipelago known as New Caledonia. It’s a French territory 750 miles east of Australia and lies just north of the Tropic of Capricorn. Grande Terre is not one of your flat Pacific atolls, it’s a rugged mountainous island 250 miles long with several peaks to 5,000ft and on the weather side, the east coast, these mountains come right down to the sea. The lee west coast is fringed by one of the largest barrier reefs on the planet and the shore is mangroves and flats. Continue reading

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Montana Hopper Fishing 101 – by Mark Raisler


Why not throw the big fly. Why not toss a fly pattern that everybody including you can see? Why not tempt those big Montana Brown Trout with a really big meal? Why not?!

So that is what many do whilst lost on rural two lane roads in Montana. In search of a memorable hopper eat? Yes. Continue reading

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RIO’s Powerflex Plus Puts More Muscle Behind Leaders and Tippet

DSC_9645IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (Sept. 8, 2015) RIO Products, industry leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders, and tippet offers anglers a stronger leader and tippet material with its new Powerflex Plus collection. An increase in strength that still maintains suppleness will ensure anglers get the best performance for each fishing scenario. Continue reading

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