Trucco’s Limay- by Barry Beck


Legendary Patagonia angler, Jorge Trucco, is largely responsible for opening up some of the best estancias and their water to the angling public. Throughout the years of fishing with Trucco, he would constantly talk about his Limay River. A few years ago we had the opportunity to travel to this now famous tail water fishery and it was easy to see why Trucco has a love affair with this river.

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Tis’ the season…. by Jason Hartwick

amazingTi’s the season… and I don’t mean Christmas. Its that time of year fisherman get ready for big trout, salmon, mosquitos, and bears. We’re talking Alaska, Land of the midnight sun. In some places you could fish 24 hours if you have the stamina and have not been eaten by pterodactyl size mosquitos yet. A place you can go catch rainbows on mouse patterns in the morning and swing for chrome Chinook and Sockeye salmon in the evenings as the sunsets low on the horizon. Alaska is an anglers paradise and if have never been, well, everyone needs to see Alaska at least once!

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The All Season Angler By Paula Shearer

Big T Bow

The all season angler is the fisherman who will push through it all. They are the ones that can be seen braving the coldest of temperatures, the rainiest of days, and sporting the best and worst of tan lines. It is these men and women who have put in countless hours and tested the toughest of gear all in the name of wetting a line.

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Nordura River, Iceland, June 2015 by Simon Gawesworth


This was the 3rd day of the 2015 season on the Nordura – one of only two rivers in Iceland to open at the beginning of June. A long, cold spring had ensured unseasonably cold water temperatures, but good water flow. The river was only 41 degrees and the air not much warmer at 44 degrees. Despite this, the river had seen 12 fish landed in the first 2 days, and so expectations and hopes were high.

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Globe-Trotting: Making Fly-Fishing Travel Easier by Brian Horsley

B75_2381 Fly fisherman seem to enjoy expanding their horizons by targeting a variety of species—both fresh and saltwater—in different geographic locales. While fly anglers based in the United States have a diverse range of fly-fishing options located within our borders, we also are lucky because some truly world-class fishing destinations lurk just outside those invisible boundaries. Mexico, the Bahamas Islands, and Canada come to mind.

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10 Tips for Success with Stillwater Chironomids by Brian Chan

well conditioned rainbow

I’ll be the first to admit I am a certified stillwater chironomid aficionado. I love the challenge of locating the hatch, determining what size and colour pupa the trout are selecting and dialing in the exact depth zone that the fish are feeding. All of this information needs to be assembled before the daily emergence subsides. Each day is unique in terms of when the emergence starts, at what depth zones the pupae are emerging from and the species of chironomids that are coming off. Even more amazing is that this specific insect emergence attracts the attention of the biggest fish in the lake. Trout literally gorge on the helpless pupa as they suspend or ascend up through the water column.

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