Make Your Fly Lines Work For You: Why the Right Line Matters – by Nick Tenyor

Fly Fishing River

After guiding, working, and living in a fly shop for close to ten years-you come to realize some absolute truths about fly-fishing. You learn that the quality of your experiences on the water matter more than the number of fish brought to hand, the importance of taking a break to enjoy a sandwich and cold drink on the bank, and that your choice in fly line(s) is absolutely critical to make sure that your fishing goes smoothly and effortlessly. Continue reading

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Swinging for Steelhead – Adapting to the conditions – by Jason Hartwick

Fly Caught Wild Steelhead
Swinging flies for steelhead is not always easy but in my honest opinion, it is the most enjoyable way to catch these fish. They don’t always come easy and much of the time we have to work hard for our fish. Being able to adapt to the conditions certainly can increase your odds. Continue reading

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How to Choose Your First Spey Rod – by Jeff Putnam

Choosing the correct spey rod

One of the most common questions that my clients ask me is, what weight spey rod should I get to get started?  Since a spey rod outfit is not cheap, a little understanding of the lines used will prevent you from having to purchase that second outfit because the first was unable to cast the fly you were using or wanted to use. Continue reading

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RIO In Action – Deschutes River

Deschutes River Steelhead Camp From the moment the jet boat backed away from the ramp at Mack’s I had an ear to ear grin on my face. Looking around we were engulfed by massive glowing canyon walls as we buzzed downstream, flying by so many great pieces of swing water. I felt myself slip into the dream that would be steelhead camp for the next few nights. Continue reading

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Getting “in touch” at the Skeena River Lodge – by Pete Humphreys

Skeena River Steelhead

It’s a giant leap of faith to pay the $’s, and fly 3,000 miles from Michigan in the hopes that rivers will be in shape and the fish with be running, especially when it comes to the steelhead rivers of British Columbia. This year we had the typical highs and lows that come with most pilgrimages to fish steelhead out west. Continue reading

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3 Things that Will Help Better Your Streamer Game – by Chad Johnson

big brown

In this article we are going to try to get our streamer fishing a step beyond the cast; which seems to be where we get hung up. I say this is for all you fly heads out there that have gone streamer crazy these last few years. Continue reading

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