RIO Leaders by Mark Raisler

raisler-1One of the most common questions I receive in the boat concerns the reasoning behind the type of leader I am using. I am sure that the saltwater guides, steelhead, salmon, and bass guides receive the same questions.

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Fluorocarbon Tippet For Small Dry Flies by John Barr

barr-1Fishing for large trout on flat water that are selectively feeding on small mayflies presents one of the most difficult challenges for fly fishers, especially so with highly pressured fish which is often the norm in many of our fisheries. If you want to become more successful when the fishing is super technical and demanding, quit using regular monofilament and switch to fluorocarbon tippet.

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The Lure of Stillwater Fly Fishing by Brian Chan

a colourful rainbow from a productive western stillwaterThe Western North America states and provinces are home to literally tens of thousands of superb trout lakes. Many of these waters are rich in nutrients which allow them to support an abundant and diverse aquatic invertebrate food base. Quality or trophy stillwater trout fisheries can be found throughout western North America. Sustaining a quality fishery means balancing the population of fish in relationship to abundance of food.
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A Guide’s Day Off by Barry Beck

Your clients cancel at the midnight hour, the weather forecast is dismal, the river is rising and turning to mud and you find yourself with a day off, so what do you do? Well if you’re Paul Jacobs and Adam Hope you put your waders on and go fishing. Paul runs Reel Action Fly Fishing and spends a good part of his year guiding and running a great tent camp operation in Alaska. When that season is over he comes home to guide the east coast steelhead fisheries from Ontario to the Lake Erie waters. Adam guides for Paul and between the two of them they spend countless hours in the water doing what guides do best – finding fish for their clients.
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In search of a Sustut “20” by Pete Humphreys

A 20lb steelhead is a special fish and the benchmark for a giant. A 30lb fish is the stuff of legends but three tributaries of the Skeena system in British Columbia can boost the opportunity to tie into one of these monsters; the Kispiox, the Babine and “the jewel of the Skeena” the Sustut.
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RIO Products Releases Its Award-winning Permit Line

Idaho Falls, Idaho (December 2, 2014) – RIO Products, industry-leading manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, adds the Permit Line to its tropical saltwater series of lines for perfect presentations to these notoriously finicky fish. The Permit Line was awarded the “Best New Saltwater Line” at the 2015 International Fly Tackle Dealers show in July.

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