Fishing with a Purpose – by Alex Filous and Robert Lennox

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As we march across the coral riddled sand flats of a seldom visited atoll in the south pacific, a faint shadow slides into our field of vision, it is a bonefish – or as the locals refer to it in the native language, “Kio Kio”. Continue reading

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Why Aren’t More Kids Fly Fishing? – by Ryan Johnston

I started guiding when I was 20 years old and it is scary to think that at the age of 33 and I’m still one of the youngest people I know that frequents the river. The sport of fly fishing is an aging and expensive sport that is really hard for kids and young families to access. Continue reading

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Creating a Multi Purpose Leader – by George Daniel

DSC01272In a time where specializing seems to be the norm in the fly fishing, it’s nice to know that there are multi purpose tools available. First, I do have to admit that I’m a gear junkie. I enjoy testing out all the latest gear the fly fishing industry has to offer. Within recent years the industry has answered the call from anglers to develop specialized gear to handle specific angling situations. Continue reading

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Winter Steelhead, the Journey – by Jason Hartwick

Winter Steelhead
If there is one season I look forward to every year, it has to be Winter. Might sound crazy to most, but it’s the time of year I want to be outside and fishing on the coast. Winter brings life to the forests, the rivers are flowing, natures colors intensify, and winter steelhead begin to show. Continue reading

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Tips for Locating Winter Redfish and Spotted Seatrout – by Jon Cave

Mosquito Lagoon  Redfish
Winter is my favorite time of year to chase redfish and spotted seatrout with a fly rod near my home in East Central Florida. Water clarity peaks as colder temperatures kill much of the algae that can thrive during warmer months. As a result, sight-fishing is normally better than at any other time of the year. Continue reading

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Rigging Up for Billfish on the Fly – by Brian Horsley

rigging for sailfish Fly-fishing for billfish is definitely a think-outside-of-the-box situation for most fly anglers. Still, there is a growing group of fly fisherman who embrace the challenge.

Continue reading

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