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Blog posts about exotic species in far off places.

Rigging Up for Billfish on the Fly – by Brian Horsley

 Fly-fishing for billfish is definitely a think-outside-of-the-box situation for most fly anglers. Still, there is a growing group of fly fisherman who embrace the challenge.

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My Favorite Fish – by Peter Morse

Barramundi (aka barra) Lates Calcarifer, commonly known as barramundi, are one of the great sport fish of the world, and are a special target species for fly fishermen. They offer a wide range of challenges often requiring considerable fishing nouse … Continue reading

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RIO in Action – Return to the Dean by Jesse Robbins

Most steelheaders will know the name Dean River. It’s among the world’s most famous rivers not only for the quarry it holds, but also for its remoteness and rugged beauty. Just getting there is an adventure and the scenery you … Continue reading

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Why Fly Fish From a Kayak – by Scott Jontes

As kayak fishing becomes more popular by the year, naturally fly fishing from a kayak is also growing in popularity. When I decided to start kayak fishing I knew I would incorporate my passion for fly fishing to the kayak. Fly … Continue reading

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How to Fight Wind in the Magic Waters of Patagonia: Equipment Selection – By Martin Aylwin

Chilean Patagonia is truly an amazing fishery. There are more rivers and lakes that you could probably fish in a lifetime. If I can tell you what is the most amazing thing for me about Patagonia is that most of … Continue reading

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Trucco’s Limay- by Barry Beck

Legendary Patagonia angler, Jorge Trucco, is largely responsible for opening up some of the best estancias and their water to the angling public. Throughout the years of fishing with Trucco, he would constantly talk about his Limay River. A few … Continue reading

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