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Five Facts About Steelhead – by April Vokey

Several years ago I spoke with steelhead expert/biologist Bill McMillan while collecting data for a column I was writing. I recently stumbled upon the article in my folders and thought it would be worthwhile to share… Five steelhead facts worth … Continue reading

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Oh My Scud – by Brian Chan

One common denominator of the most productive stillwater trout fisheries found in North America and other areas of the world is the presence of Freshwater Shrimp which are also referred to as scuds.   These amphipods thrive in nutrient rich, alkaline … Continue reading

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Never Too Old or Too Windy – by Sarah Gardner

     A pair of “old” clients show that they’ve got the right stuff. It’s a sad morning for me, horrible weather has caused me to cancel the last three days of a six-day trip with a pair of beloved clients. … Continue reading

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RIO’s InTouch Skagit MOW Tips Bring the Ultimate in Sink Tip Versatility

IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO (November 2, 2015) – RIO continues to expand the use of its ConnectCore technology by introducing it to the popular Skagit MOW and iMOW Tips. Offering anglers a multitude of options in lines, leaders, tippets, and more, … Continue reading

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Make Your Fly Lines Work For You: Why the Right Line Matters – by Nick Tenyor

After guiding, working, and living in a fly shop for close to ten years-you come to realize some absolute truths about fly-fishing. You learn that the quality of your experiences on the water matter more than the number of fish … Continue reading

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Swinging for Steelhead – Adapting to the conditions – by Jason Hartwick

Swinging flies for steelhead is not always easy but in my honest opinion, it is the most enjoyable way to catch these fish. They don’t always come easy and much of the time we have to work hard for our … Continue reading

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