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Austria, by Aaron Jasper

Annually, I plan a special fishing trip to a new destination. Traveling to Europe has been a lifelong goal of mine, and luckily for me, European countries all have wonderful fly fishing opportunities. The first person that came to mind … Continue reading

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Labrador Dispatch, by Aimee Eaton

Dispatches from Labrador: You don’t always get what you want, but if you try… Carter Davidson’s camera’s batteries died at twelve noon in the middle of the George River, an expanse of 60-degree water connecting a series of lakes in … Continue reading

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Summer Lake Tactics, By Brian Chan

Some of the most productive stillwater trout fisheries found in the western states and provinces double as irrigation reservoirs for the ranching and agricultural community. These impoundments can vary in size from a few acres to well over a thousand … Continue reading

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Early Season Dean, by Pete Humphreys

We landed in Bella Coola after a some what “white knuckler” flight from Vancouver. The small twin engine prop plane bounced and jerked as we made the staggering descent though the mountains. Bella Coola is the staging post to gain … Continue reading

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