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Spring Fling Shad – By Capt. Sarah Gardner

When the days lengthen and red buds bloom along the East Coast, saltwater anglers head inland. We are drawn from the ocean to the fresh water spawning grounds of our favorite saltwater quarry such as stripers and shad. In North … Continue reading

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Pheasant Tail Nymphs – By Barry Beck

It seems like so long ago now when I think back to a long awaited package that arrived by air mail. It was a small box neatly wrapped in plain brown paper and weighing almost nothing and I quickly opened … Continue reading

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Double Loop-to-Loop Connection – By Jon B. Cave

Because the standard loop-to-loop connection is versatile, simple to use, and slides through rod guides easier than other knots, most of us rely on it at some point to fasten a loop on one part of the line system to … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut – By Cathy Beck

As I write this we are driving down 50 miles of dirt road on our way to Estancia Quemquemtreu near San Martin de los Andes in Patagonia, Argentina. Our guide Andres Homosilla is driving and Adele is playing in the … Continue reading

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Full Skagit Package with the New Skagit Flight VersiTip

April 2, 2012 (Idaho Falls, Idaho) – Continuing the tradition of making anglers experiences on the water better with every cast, RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is pleased to bring anglers the new Skagit Flight … Continue reading

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